Chemical Associates was founded in 2000 by Dr Peter Smallwood FRSC, who previously worked with ICI and AstraZeneca

Extensive contacts throughout the industry and membership of CICA, enables Chemical Associates to establish multidisciplinary teams to solve customer's larger issues.

As well as the UK, Chemical Associates has clients in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, India and South East Asia

Chemical Associates assignments have included:

  • Transfer of an emulsion polymerisation manufacturing process from the UK to Japan
  • Obtained a ¬£4.3m grant from the UK Government, to establish a new University Research Centre
  • Developed and supplied new speciality dispersions to UKSport and EIS for use by elite athletes training for the Olympic Games
  • Identification of sources of dicarboxylic acids, polyols and esters for a local supplier of speciality polyesters
  • Developed‚Äč a process for the manufacture of antimicrobial latex medical examination gloves
  • Techno-commercial and environmental reviews of the Future of the Cleaning Products Industry which are proving remarkably accurate
  • Provides advice to PVC Manufacturers
  • Manufacture of a cream for use with a device for screening for breast cancer.
  • Development of novel ways of remotely sealing leaks in gas and oil pipes, for a Gas Engineering Company.
  • Development of sustainable formulations for use in laundry, cleaning and personal care applications.
  • Acting as an Expert Witness in technical commercial disputes.
  • Presenting papers and delivering training, in Europe, the USA and Asia, on the formulation of cleaning products, surfactants, the use of polymers in drug delivery and medical applications and the manufacture of PVC.

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